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Changing the ringtone maker  to a unique and enjoyable sound has become a norm these days. As a result, incoming notifications will also feel more enjoyable.

Want to know how? Let’s explore together using an app called Notification Reader: Shouter. This app will help you change the ringtone maker  by announcing the name of the message sender on WhatsApp notifications.

Notification Reader: Shouter relies on Google’s text-to-speech converter technology. As a result, WhatsApp notification text can be converted into a customizable voice according to the language and dialect you want.

Steps to Use the Caller Name Announcement Feature on WhatsApp Using Shouter App
To change the ringtone to announce the message sender’s name, here are the steps to use the Notification Reader: Shouter app.

First, install the Shouter app by clicking the button below and then open the app.

  1. A dialog box ‘Notification Access (Important)’ will appear, then select ‘Yes’.
  2. The next step, set up notification access by clicking ‘Activate’.
  3. You can then choose which apps notifications will be read by Shouter.
  4. Select the ‘Select App’ menu and check ‘WhatsApp’ so that the system can read the name of the message sender, phone calls, and video calls.

With that, notifications that come in on Whatsapp will announce the sender’s name. If you want a more pleasant-sounding voice, you can change the language and speech style through the settings in ‘App Notification’ > ‘Customize your voice notification message’.

This app can not only read the name of the message sender or call on WhatsApp, but it can also broadcast battery level notifications when charging. Not only that, this app is also able to read various types of application notifications, display nearby locations on a map, read unanswered calls, read texts, and sound an alarm. Isn’t it complete?”

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