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Pay Infinity Insurance Online – Infinity Insurance is a non-standard auto insurance provider owned by Kemper Corp. who write primarily in politics through independent agencies and intermediaries. Infinity offers moderate rates to drivers with a clean and spotless driving history.

As a non-standard insurer, we specialize in providing services to drivers who have a less than perfect driving record and have trouble getting quotes elsewhere. But we weren’t impressed with Infinity’s customer service, so buyers may want to consider other options before choosing Infinity.

Pay Infinity Insurance Online

In general, Infinity offers higher than average rates for regular drivers and most driving histories.

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However, rates for young drivers are much higher than we’ve seen with other insurers, so we recommend new drivers look elsewhere for better rates.

The amount of unlimited for a driver without a recent accident is around average. The average rate for minimum coverage in California is $549 per year — about 13% cheaper than the average rate we found among major competitors.

However, Infinity is still more expensive than Geico or Mercury, two of the cheaper options we reviewed.

Full coverage is slightly cheaper than average, at $1,709 a year — 2% less than the average price we found.

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Infinity’s rates tend to be less competitive for young people or those with driving violations – two types of drivers who tend to pay more for car insurance.

For example, drivers with speeding tickets will find Infinity fares around 6% cheaper than the average among the competitors we looked at. But drivers with a DUI will see a 3% higher rate than average.

18-year-olds buying the minimum cover can expect to pay 44% more than average with Infinity – giving us the cheapest deal of all the insurers we looked at. Insurance for young drivers is expensive, but most drivers will find a better deal elsewhere.

Compared to other major auto insurers, Infinity does not offer many discount options, and the amount of the discount varies depending on the coverage and location of the driver. Below are the discounts offered by Infinity.

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We’ve put together the highlights of Infinity policies and services you need to know, along with a map of Infinity’s footprint. Coverage may change over time, so call your insurer to see if it’s available in your state.

When you receive a quote from Infinity Insurance, you may have the option of choosing one of two different policies: Infinity RSVP or Infinity Special.

The main difference is that when you receive a repair covered by your policy (such as after a collision), Infinity RSVP is only accepted for in-network workshops. However, all repairs are guaranteed, meaning you won’t be responsible for any additional costs if everything costs more.

On the other hand, Infinity Special does not limit which stores you can go to, but the job is not guaranteed. In addition, Infinity Special allows you to purchase a maximum liability limit on RSVP if you wish.

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In general, RSVP is slightly cheaper than Infinity Special, although this is not true 100% of the time.

If you live elsewhere, you can enter your zip code into Infinity’s online quote system and get information about other insurance options available in your state.

While Infinity relies heavily on independent agents and brokers, the mobile app allows drivers to make payments, store e-policy ID cards, ask questions and access DriverClub services. DriverClub is Infinity’s nationwide emergency service program. It can be cheaper than most other cancellation options – and you don’t have to own an Infinity policy to use it.

Infinity’s complaint index is very poor, even among non-standard insurance companies – which often have above-average complaints. A score of 7.31 means Infinity customers are more than seven times more likely to file a complaint than the average insurance customer. Infinity AM Best A rating means it can pay claims, although you can expect a complicated and lengthy claims process based on customer complaints.

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To file an Infinity car insurance claim, policyholders can log into their Infinity account or call the 24/7 service number. For third party claims, all claims must be made through the service number.

Online: Log into your Infinity account to view your current policy and claim status or view past claim information online.

Telephone: Call 800-353-6737 (1-800-3KEMPER) to report a new claim or accident or to check the status of an existing claim.

We’ve compiled auto insurance quotes from Infinity and our top competitors for the average California driver for state minimum coverage policies and comprehensive coverage policies. We also compared rates for 18-year-old drivers with minimum coverage with a clean record versus a ticket or DUI.

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All quotes used auto insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates are publicly quoted from insurers’ documents and should be used for comparison purposes only – your personal quote will be different.

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