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Assurant Insurance Customer Service Number – Assurant’s renters insurance is much more expensive than its competitors. With below average customer service, we think most people can find better options elsewhere. However, Assurant offers some specialized coverage that people looking for pet damage protection or earthquake coverage may want to consider.

Overall, Assurant’s renters insurance did not perform well among competing renters insurance companies. Its high cost and below average customer service make it hard to recommend to most people. On average, customers pay 53% more for Assurant rental insurance than for equivalent coverage from its competitors.

Assurant Insurance Customer Service Number

There aren’t many discounts available on Assurant rental policies, although there is one available for Geico auto insurance customers. If you combine your Geico car insurance with Assurant rental insurance, you can get a 3% discount on your car insurance premium. However, you have to have a monthly auto insurance premium of more than $400 for this discount to make up for the price difference between Assurant and its strongest competitor. Therefore, consumers who opt for the Geico discount should still check with other renters insurance companies to find the best price.

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Assurant offers some compelling optional coverages that aren’t available from all rental insurance companies. These include pet damage coverage, which pays for repairs to your own property damaged by a pet, and unemployment insurance, which covers a portion of your rent if you’re involuntarily unemployed.

Another benefit worth noting for Assurant customers is the ability to choose a lower deductible. With Assurant, you can set your deductible up to $100, which is what you’ll pay out of pocket if your property is damaged. These are among the lowest deductible options available: State Farm’s lowest deductible offers are $1,000 and the lowest lemonade option is $250.

A low deductible has two benefits: One is that you get a bigger check when you file a claim. If your apartment burns down and you lose $5,000 worth of items, Assurant will pay up to $4,900, while State Farm will pay a maximum of $4,000. Low deductibles also allow you to file claims for smaller losses—for example, if your $400 tablet is stolen, State Farm won’t pay you anything because it’s less than your deductible. But as long as you choose the lower deductible, Assurant will pay you $300 for your loss.

Getting an Assurant renters insurance quote, both on Assurant’s website and through Geico, is a quick and easy process, though no more so than its competitors. And while Assurant’s online tools are functional, they lack the modern mobile app available from some competitors.

Get A Refund To Cancel Your Assurant Insurance Policy

To get an idea of ​​how Assurant’s renters insurance prices compare to other companies, we’ve compiled a sample of quotes for Assurant, Lemonade and State Farm across four levels of property coverage. Assurant was consistently the most expensive rental insurance company for our rental sample, being 53% more expensive than overall and offering the highest price of all coverage levels we compared. So you’re likely to find a better deal on renters insurance by going elsewhere.

Renters insurance quotes are available on the Assurant website and also through Geico, and the prices are the same for each; You won’t get a lower rate by shopping one company over another.

Assurant’s available rental insurance coverages are more or less in line with competing companies, with no glaring gaps and few significant optional extras. Like most rental insurance policies, the two main categories of coverage are personal property, which covers the cost of replacing your belongings; and Liability, which offers financial protection in the event that someone is injured while in your apartment.

Assurant gives you a lot of flexibility to customize each one’s limits. You can choose between $50,000 or $100,000 in liability coverage and $5,000 to $95,000 in property coverage. However, when you file a claim, Assurant will only pay the actual value of your property, so there’s no reason to buy $30,000 in coverage if you only own $10,000 in items.

Oneplus On Guard Will Use Assurant In The Us And Canada For Device Insurance, Plans Start At $20

In addition to the standard coverage offered to all Assurant renters insurance customers, you can supplement your policy with several optional coverages for an additional fee:

Assurant has mixed reviews for customer service. Customers often face a lengthy claims process and often find it difficult to contact the adjuster during the claims process. Consumers also reported that they found it difficult to cancel the policy: it’s impossible to do it online and difficult to get through on the phone.

Overall, Assurant received a complaint rating of 1.57 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in the home insurance division, indicating that it receives more complaints than expected for a company of its size.

However, the company has great financial strength. He earned an A, or excellent, grade in A.M. Best of all, the company is assumed to be on solid financial footing and customers don’t have to worry about Assurant’s ability to pay insurance claims.

Assurant Announces Leadership Transition At Assurant Employee Benefits Business

Rental insurance has high prices and poor customer service, so we don’t recommend it to most people buying rental insurance. If you’re a Geico auto insurance customer or if one of the optional Assurance coverages fits your needs, it may be worth considering. However, even for those customers, we recommend checking other options before contacting Assurant.

Overall, no, Assurant is not a good insurance company. Assurant has high renters insurance rates and a complicated claims process, so it’s not ideal for most renters.

Yes You will automatically renew your policy at the end of the term, so you must cancel the policy if you wish to cancel it.

We’ve compiled renter insurance quotes from Assurant and top competing companies for a 30-year rental in Washington, DC. An example policy included $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 in property coverage.

Assurant Renters Insurance: Is It The Best Choice For You? (2021)

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Please note that this policy is subject to change as it allows the website to function effectively and remain accessible to all users. US insurer Assurant Solutions has confirmed it is leaving Cork with the loss of up to 170 jobs.

Assurant Highlights Purpose And Commitment To Building A More Sustainable Future In Latest Sustainability Report

The company called 170 staff into meetings at its offices on Model Farm Rd in Cork city before Christmas to say it was “possible” a review of its European operations would see it close.

Last October, it bought Lifestyle Services Group (LSG), a British mobile phone insurance provider, for £107m (€127m) and indicated it may consolidate management at its European headquarters.

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