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Winter Insurance Greenville Mi – Grand Rapids Press archive photo Despite the 8-degree temperature, people wait in line until dawn outside the unemployment office in Plainfield on a January morning.

These were “zeros”, an old reference to the “00” in the middle of each year, but this is the true end of the decade. While many believe that the dubious honor belongs to 2009, we can only wish it were true.

Winter Insurance Greenville Mi

That’s because we can’t say goodbye too quickly to the aptly named decade for several reasons: even if it wasn’t all in vain, a lot of it was.

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It began when the stock bubble burst in the spring of 2001, ending the state’s last flight with prosperity. This marked the beginning of a national recession, but Michigan entered an economic downturn that we are still trying to reverse.

September 11 terrorist attacks But the nation rallied. The recession ended when most states recovered.

Detroit absorbed the strongest blows. But West Michigan was hardly immune. Metro Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon were squeezed by global competition and the state’s total dependence on the declining auto industry. Plants are closed. Others moved abroad or south of the border.

A second, deeper recession, triggered in 2008 by the collapse of the housing and banking sectors, accelerated the decline. Recovery is mounted. Poverty spread. College graduates fled the state in search of better prospects.

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Almost 850,000 jobs disappeared, about 440,000 in industry. The losses have wiped out everything but the blue-collar lifestyle of high wages and liberal benefits, where a high school graduate can walk across the street and land a job for life.

Experts say that future job growth is increasingly tied to education. The implications are ominous in a state that trails only Ohio and Indiana among Big Ten conference states in the percentage of residents with a college degree.

“I do not think that the state will return to the level of the economy that was in 2000. It’s impossible,” said George Ericchek, a senior analyst at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo.

“Can the state be a little smaller than it was? So. The state is different. The manufacturing sector is smaller. It is not going back to what it was in 2000.

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And for those with secondary education, released in their 40s and 50s? “It will be difficult,” he said.

At the turn of the millennium, West Michigan seemed poised for years of prosperity. Kent, Kalamazoo and Muskegon counties all had unemployment rates of 6 percent or less. Although the region is associated with the auto industry, it boasts a diverse economy that has helped it survive previous downturns.

In 2003, Bissell Inc. in suburban Grand Rapids closed its vacuum cleaner plant and moved production to Mexico, where it employed 200 people.

CEO Mark Bissell said he was sticking to local production as long as possible amid rising global prices.

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West Michigan furniture leaders Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth have cut bonuses, wages and laid off thousands of workers as the industry suffers a global downturn.

In 2005, Greenville, a Montcalm County town north of Grand Rapids, was hit hard when appliance maker Electrolux announced it would close a plant there and start operations in Mexico, eliminating 2,700 jobs.

In 2003, drugmaker Pfizer announced cuts to its research and development, costing 1,200 jobs in Kalamazoo County.

In Muskegon County, a sprawling 220,000-square-foot auto parts plant long operated by Sealed Power closed in 2007, ending production that once employed 1,500 people.

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Steve Novak, a veteran of Sealed Power, helped destroy the structure that gave him his job and his way of life.

“This project was very emotional… lots of memories. This company has been very good to my family. I raised two children very well,” Novak said.

In 2009, Muskegon’s Sappi Fine Paper closed a paper mill that once employed 1,200 people, eliminating 190 union and employee jobs.

By 2009, according to the latest available statistics, it was 24.1 percent. Kalamazoo increased from 24.3 percent to 35.6 percent over the same period; Muskegon from 20.5 percent to nearly 35 percent.

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In September, the overall rate was 10.3 percent in Kent County, down from 4.6 percent in 2001. Unemployment in Muskegon County rose from 6 percent to 13.2 percent over the same period; Kalamazoo County increased from 4.1 percent to 10.6 percent.

But the numbers tell part of the story. On the front lines, food bank or shelter workers see tears, hear stories of despair from families who are just hanging on.

Tool and die worker Scott Moore lost his job in 2009, and his suburban Grand Rapids home was later foreclosed on. He and his wife, Nadia, moved into a mobile home with their two children. They contacted the Food and Clothing Bank and applied for food stamps for the first time in their lives.

“I think some people would be surprised to learn some of the situations people are in,” he said.

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In Muskegon County, Gail Craft, executive director of Love Inc., estimated that 25 percent of the social agency’s clients this year never sought help.

“I see people who are confused, disappointed, very worried. These are people who used to be donors.

“They don’t see how they could have the lifestyle they had five years ago. They see no hope. It’s not just that they can’t get a job, it’s that there are no jobs.”

As job losses mounted, state officials pledged to help workers get back on their feet with No Worker Left Behind training programs. Some found good jobs. Many more settle for unemployment benefits or jobs that pay only a fraction of their previous earnings.

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Some sectors—healthcare, life sciences, alternative energy—offer promise, if not the answer. Michigan’s subsidized film industry has brought Hollywood buzz to local residents across the state.

But a more sober assessment is given by the economic analytical company IHS Global. Michigan is not projected to reach its pre-crisis job base until after 2015. Few expected most of these jobs to have salaries that supported a comfortable middle-class life.

Michigan lost 121,000 residents between 2005 and 2009. Among those fleeing the state are those who can least afford the loss: the young and the highly educated. In 2007 alone, the state suffered a net out-migration loss of 18,000 adults with a bachelor’s degree or more.

One of Electrolux’s victims, Greenville resident Ernest Miller, thought it “would be cool” to see the governor. But that day he was at work.

Looking Back At Michigan 2000 2010: Grim First Decade Left Wounds

Miller, 47, lost his job at Electrolux in 2005. After three years, he finally got a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He earns about half the $14 an hour he earned at Electrolux.

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