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Verizon Wireless Insurance Coverage – The first time I had to apply for Verizon broken phone insurance was a few years ago. I was in the kitchen and I had just removed Otterbox from my iPhone. You see, I had water in the Otterbox case, and I didn’t want to risk water damaging my phone.

I was in a kitchen with a ceramic floor. And then I dropped my iPhone, without its protective Otterbox case on it. And when it hit the clay floor, it broke. In addition, I hurt the body. This left me unable to charge the phone.

Verizon Wireless Insurance Coverage

Advice to the wise: only take your iPhone out of its Otterbox on the carpet. I haven’t made that mistake since.

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Because we chose to purchase phone insurance from our Verizon Wireless account, I knew I could file a claim for my broken phone. However, I had no idea how to do this. So I thought I’d walk you through the steps on how to file a claim for a broken Verizon Wireless phone.

But before that, let me explain how the verification system works with Verizon Wireless. Let me also explain why we decided to add broken phone insurance to our Verizon Wireless account.

FYI, since we got our first cell phone, we have only had Verizon Wireless as our carrier. So I can only speak from my own experience.

But I think AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, Boost, and other wireless carriers offer the same insurance plan and application process. On the other hand, if I’m wrong, let me know.

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I have been avoiding buying insurance for our cell phones for a long time. It just seems more expensive in a “what if” scenario. I mean, my husband and I had our phones for years and never broke them.

And of course, teenage things happen on phones. The phone rang in the small house. One fell into our driveway. One fell from their hands and landed on the stairs.

Suddenly we were exchanging phones left and right. Yes, our daughters should have been more responsible. But accidents happen.

Anyway, you know how expensive smartphones are. When you’ve spent money on two new phones a year, that broken phone insurance doesn’t seem too expensive.

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I keep calling it broken phone insurance from Verizon. Technically, Verizon Wireless calls it Verizon Mobile Protect Multi Device. Well, at least this is the one we have. They also offer insurance for individual devices. We happen to have four phones in our system.

It costs $50 a month and includes all four smartphones on our account. So a year from now we will be paying $600 in hypothetical terms. Two years from now, we’ll be paying $1,200, which is slightly more than the price of the last iPhone.

The irony is that when we started paying for broken phone insurance, we no longer had broken phones. I have to admit that this insurance seemed to be a waste of money every month.

Ironic, isn’t it, that it wasn’t my daughters who needed phone insurance. No, they did a good job of taking care of their phones. I was their mother. I was the one who filed our first insurance claim with Verizon for a broken phone.

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In addition to broken phones, this phone insurance policy called Verizon Wireless Mobile Protect Multi Device also covers lost and stolen phones. I’ve never lost or stolen a phone, so I can’t give a first-person review on how it all works.

However, after breaking two phones and sending them claims, I can give you a step-by-step idea of ​​how the whole process works. This way you will know what to expect.

With broken phone insurance from Verizon, you can file a claim to get the cracked screen repaired. Who hasn’t broken the screen yet?

If you have cracked the front screen of your phone, you are fine. You’ll pay a $29 deductible and you may be able to get your screen repaired the same day.

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The benefits of repairing a cracked screen are endless. So if you or a child drops and breaks the front screen and starts over, you can repair it as many times as needed.

But if you cracked the front and back of your phone, the cracked screen repair doesn’t work. You will then need to submit a full claim to get a brand new phone.

However, as I learned while trying to submit a claim for my daughter’s iPhone XR, having a physically broken phone does not qualify for a claim. If the phone still works, you are SOL. On the other hand, if you’ve broken the phone in such a way that it can’t charge or the power or volume buttons don’t work, then play it safe – you can file an insurance claim to get a replacement phone.

However, there seem to be many caveats with this installation. For example, it is limited to only certain phone models.

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Also, if you don’t have an extended warranty on your phone, you may not be able to claim it. Honestly, that sounds a lot easier than fixing a cracked screen or broken phone.

As I have seen, broken phone insurance from Verizon replaces the broken phone. You might think you need to go to the Verizon Wireless website to start your claim — and you can, from your account — but you’ll be redirected to our partner Asurion.

Next, Asurion will ask you for information about the phone, including what happened to it. So when I started my phone claim, I was only talking about physical damage. Almost immediately, Asurion rejected my request.

After that I realized that I should give more details about how the phone works. Turns out the hole damage is covered. Breaking the screen is not. Well, it does, but under a different claims process. And with that, you’re not getting a brand new phone.

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My next step was to disable Find My iPhone on this phone. For anyone who has used Find My iPhone to locate their iPhone, it’s not easy to disable it. But I knew I had to do that because Asurion said they couldn’t proceed with the request until it was done.

Once you’ve closed Find My iPhone, the claim is over, and Asurion gives you a new phone overnight. When you get a new phone, you activate it and, voilà, you have your new phone.

Your last step is to send the phone back to Asurion. They will give you a package with a stamp. You have one week to send it back. If you don’t, you will be charged the cost of a new phone.

Also, if your phone goes back to Asurion, they will update it. If the described damage doesn’t match what you see, they may deny your claim after that and charge you for a new phone. So don’t submit fake insurance claims.

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One of the things I didn’t expect was paying a deductible when I made a phone insurance claim. It was stupid of me. I have home insurance, car insurance and health insurance. In all of these cases, you have a deductible.

However, I did not expect it to be so much. For example, when I made a claim on my iPhone 6, I had to pay a $100 deductible to get a new phone. Oh, but it’s OK.

If I were to submit a claim for my daughter’s phones – both iPhone 10s – the deductible would be $229. I’m sure because it’s the most expensive phone overall.

Here’s another shocker if you’re looking for a broken phone. Because of Verizon’s relationship with Asurion, you’re not getting a new phone. You get a newly refurbished phone.

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At first I was afraid to get a refurbished phone. But I must say that instead of my iPhone 6 continues to work well. As much as I would love to have the new iPhone 13, I just can’t justify the cost when this phone works so well.

Since we’re an Apple family — we’ve got iPads, MacBooks, and, you know, iPhones — we look to Apple Care for any new iPhones we buy. We always get Apple Care for our new computers.

Why not get AppleCare for a new iPhone? So I decided to compare the pros and cons of AppleCare versus Verizon’s broken phone insurance.

When we all bought new iPhones, we set up a payment plan with Verizon. This payment plan was for 24 months and had no interest. So having phone insurance made sense.

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For example, what if something happens to one of the phones before it is fully refunded? Well, we can file a claim and get a new phone without paying the full price of a new phone.

Make sense. It’s like adding gap insurance when you take out a car loan. You don’t want to risk your car’s total before you pay it off and keep making payments on the car you no longer own.

However, all phones have been paid. My oldest daughter’s phone was refunded in January 2021. Previously

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