Average Cost For Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Insurance

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Average Cost For Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Insurance – The growth of wisdom teeth, usually when you are between the ages of 18 and 26, is a wonderful thing. If you’re lucky, they usually grow in a simple position However, most often they don’t They can cause partial, side or other teeth that affect other teeth or make them difficult to clean

Since the wisdom tooth area is located at the back of the jaw, it is usually not easy to clean properly Over time, if the wisdom tooth area is not properly cleaned, it can lead to gum infection and/or cavities in the area In these cases, the extraction of wisdom teeth is also important to maintain the overall health of the gums and teeth

Average Cost For Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Insurance

As you can see, wisdom tooth extraction or surgery is a very common procedure in Singapore If you are looking to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may be interested in reading our previous article – The Complete Guide to Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Surgery wisdom teeth in Singapore – so you can prepare for your procedure.

Cost Of A Dentist Without Insurance: What They Don’t Tell You

In this wisdom tooth extraction cost guide, we’ll cover the costs and explain what you’re paying. We will also provide a breakdown of the total bill you can expect for your wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore.

The cost of removing wisdom teeth can vary depending on how complicated their extraction is. There are two main factors that affect the complexity of your application:

Your dentist will let you know during your consultation if only your wisdom teeth can be extracted or if they require surgery.

1. Wisdom teeth extraction The procedure is very simple and usually costs between $250 and $800, depending on the dentist you choose.

Orthodontics In Singapore And Your Dental Insurance

2. Wisdom tooth surgery This procedure is more complicated because the dentist may need to cut through gum tissue and/or bone to remove the wisdom tooth. For wisdom tooth surgery, the cost will range from $400 to $2,200, depending on the dentist you choose.

Medical dentists treat general oral health problems such as fillings, single tooth extractions, and decayed teeth. Generally, GP dentists are trained in wisdom tooth procedures. However, a word of caution. There is a wide variation in skills for GP dentists and you need to do your due diligence on the experience that GP dentist has in particularly with dental operations. If your wisdom tooth case is considered complex and difficult, a good family dentist will refer you to specialist colleagues.

To become a specialist dentist, a doctor must undergo another two to four years of additional training, focusing on a specific dental field. Thus, a specialist dentist is usually better equipped to handle complex wisdom tooth removal due to greater experience and training.

For wisdom tooth extraction and surgery, an oral maxillofacial specialist is the most trained and qualified to perform complex wisdom tooth extractions. Other treatments are dental implants, bone grafts, etc

Tooth Extraction Costs: With & Without Insurance

How does the cost of seeing a general dentist and a specialist dentist to extract my wisdom teeth differ? “

The cheapest option is to go to a GP dentist, such as government hospitals and national dental centres, SingHealth polyclinics and the National Healthcare Group (NHG). A dental consultation with a GP dentist there will cost anywhere from $14.10 (subsidised, for senior Singaporeans only) to $60. Be aware that there will be longer waiting times if you go public

You can also see a primary care dentist from affordable dental clinics such as Q & M Dental, Unity Dental Care, Healthway Dental Group, etc. A dental consultation with a dentist there should cost between 60 and 100 rupees Also, it should be more convenient and faster to get an appointment

However, if your wisdom teeth case is more complicated, you may want to see a specialist dentist, especially an oral maxillofacial surgeon (OMS), to extract your wisdom teeth. These specialists are usually in private practice. A consultation with a specialist dentist in private practice will cost between $80 and $160. The cost depends on the experience and cost of the dentist. It is also fast and hassle-free because the front desk staff can usually get you an appointment quickly.

What Are Wisdom Teeth & Why Do We Remove Them?

For wisdom tooth operation fees, the removal of a wisdom tooth costs between $1,200 and $2,200 to see a specialist dentist in private practice and to see a general dentist in a public hospital, polyclinic or affordable dental chain . Between $400 and $900.

In addition to the consultation and surgery fees, there are also costs that can be added to your total wisdom teeth surgery bill:

2. CT scan: If possible, the x-ray shows that the wisdom tooth is located near a nerve. A CT scan costs an average of $300 to $400

3. General anesthesia: wisdom tooth extraction is usually done under local anesthesia, that is, by injecting the gum area with a numbing agent. The cost of local anesthesia is already taken into account, which means that you do not have to spend extra money for it However, if you are afraid and want to opt for general anesthesia (ie, being unconscious during the surgery), it will cost an additional $800 hire an anesthesiologist to administer sedation and attend your wisdom tooth procedure.

Kids Tooth Extraction In Singapore

The good news is that yes, wisdom tooth removal is usually Medisave claimable You can claim up to $350 per tooth for wisdom tooth extraction Up to $1,250 per tooth for wisdom tooth surgery (surgically removed).

Most dental clinics are equipped to process Medisave claims for you. Just let them know and they will help you submit the necessary work. So don’t worry about how to submit your Medisave claims. However, check with the clinic before the procedure to see if they have experience with Medisave claims.

If you choose to see a GP dentist at a public hospital, polyclinic or affordable dental chain, you can make a full Medisave claim for the procedure and only pay for the consultation and x-ray, which is $140. Mean

If you see a dentist in private practice, you can expect the total cost of a wisdom tooth extraction to average $380 after making a Medisave claim.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

If you usually choose to see a GP dentist, you can also claim your wisdom tooth surgery costs with Medisave and pay for just the consultation and x-rays which will be $140.

If you see a dentist in private practice, expect a total bill of $680 after Medisave claims.

We hope this comprehensive cost guide will help you understand wisdom tooth extraction costs in Singapore. Check out our other articles about our personal experience with wisdom tooth surgery.

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