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What Are The Type Of Insurance – To run a successful business you have to take some risks. But taking risk does not mean that you do not do a little business risk management to protect your business from losing money. While you can’t avoid every threat, some types of business insurance can help lessen the financial blow when the unexpected happens.

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What Are The Type Of Insurance

Business insurance can protect a company against financial losses related to qualifying events, such as property damage, injury or lost business income. Like home insurance or auto insurance, insurance providers reimburse you for some or all of your losses if your business is affected by covered events.

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You can choose different types of business insurance based on your industry and needs. The insurance you take out determines what potential events your business is protected against.

Don’t wait to find out what types of insurance you need until you’ve suffered a loss. Prevent an expensive disaster by securing your business early.

Before you sign up for all the insurance policies available, you should consider your company’s most important risk factors. Next, understand the basics of what each type of small business insurance covers.

Check out the nine types of small business insurance you may need to protect your business.

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General liability (GL) insurance protects your business if you face property damage, bodily injury or personal injury caused by operations. Mistakes in your business can physically harm someone or their property, harm someone’s reputation, or interfere with their privacy.

For example, you own a construction company. If business operations damage a customer’s property, general liability insurance would cover the cost of the damages.

Remember that general liability insurance does not cover all types of claims. Check with insurance companies to find out what kind of claims they will cover.

You can get general liability insurance on your own. Or you can combine it with property insurance under a business owner’s insurance plan (explained later).

Basics To Help You Understand How Insurance Works

Who should take such insurance? Consider protecting your business with general liability insurance if you see clients in person, have access to their properties, or represent their businesses.

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, or professional liability insurance, covers customer claims against your business. If you provide a service that does not deliver the promised results, a client may sue you.

Who should take such insurance? You should have E&O insurance if you provide recommendations, guidance, advice or services. Common business owners who have this type of business insurance include doctors, lawyers, accountants and event planners.

Business interruption insurance, or business income insurance, is coverage that replaces lost income if disaster (eg, storms, theft, etc.) occurs and you must shut down temporarily.

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Typically, business interruption insurance is part of a business owner’s policy. If you’re interested in defending your company against disasters, talk to your insurance company to see how much business interruption coverage is available.

Who should take such insurance? Business owners who have physical business locations usually choose business interruption insurance.

Cyber ​​insurance is coverage that can help protect business owners dealing with cyber attacks and hacking threats. Remember, it doesn’t prevent cyber attacks – it only helps you with the costs if you fall victim to them.

Who should take such insurance? Businesses dealing with any type of personally identifiable information (PII) may consider cyber insurance.

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Workers’ compensation is government-mandated insurance that protects businesses if an employee becomes sick or injured on the job. Most states require businesses to have this type of business insurance.

You can usually get workers compensation insurance through a private insurance company. However, you must get workers’ comp coverage through a state fund if you do business in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, or Wyoming.

Who should take such insurance? In general, all businesses with employees must register for workers’ compensation insurance.

Commercial property insurance protects the company’s tangible assets against loss. What are tangible assets? They are the physical assets that add value to your business, including your building, fixtures, signage and equipment.

Types Of Insurance For A Business

In business, fire, storms or other natural disasters can cause damage to your physical property. Theft or vandalism can also damage the company’s assets.

A home-based business insurance policy covers business losses that occur in your home. Home-based business insurance goes beyond home owner or renters insurance to cover business losses.

Who should take such insurance? Home-based businesses can consider themselves for this type of small business insurance. You can also look into home-based business insurance if people (eg customers, employees, partners) come into your home for business activities.

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles (eg cars, trucks, vans) you use to run your business. This type of small business insurance is similar to personal auto insurance.

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Commercial auto insurance offers different options in eligibility, coverages and limits than personal insurance policies. You can have many vehicles covered under a commercial auto insurance policy.

Who should take such insurance? You may consider commercial auto insurance if you frequently use vehicles to run your business. Examples of businesses with this type of small business insurance include trucking, plowing and delivery companies.

BOP insurance does not include coverage for E&O and commercial vehicles. Workers’ compensation, health and disability insurance are also not part of a BOP. You can add other types of insurance (like the ones listed in this article!) to a BOP.

Who should take such insurance? Every business owner should consider getting business owner’s insurance. Under a BOP, you get other types of insurance (eg general liability, business interruption and property) bundled together. You are here: Home / Infographics / Business Support Services / 11 Types of Singapore Corporate Insurance You Should Consider

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Get Started Now Running a business without adequate business insurance is practically putting your life on the line. Business insurance is more than just a legal requirement. It is about keeping employees, supplies and customers safe from danger or potential loss.

This covers key company assets such as property, plant and equipment (PP&E) from loss or damage. This can happen due to breakage, theft or even from natural disasters such as flood or fire. By obtaining insurance, your business will still be able to cover lost income or expenses that occur even when the business continues.

If your business is involved in product delivery, delivery or cargo pickup, a commercial vehicle becomes an important part of your business. You need to get the right business auto insurance that minimizes any disruption to your business and has the flexibility to choose garages for accident repairs.

On the other end of the spectrum, your intangible assets cannot be overlooked. In this technological age, many companies are adopting and incorporating technology into their business operations. Therefore, it has become important to get cyber insurance to protect your Singapore company from the increasing complexity of cyber risks.

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As an employer, you must obtain the Workers’ Compensation Act (WICA) from a designated insurance company. Purchasing workers compensation insurance for your employees ensures that they receive financial protection when they sustain injuries in the workplace.

Due to employee negligence while on the job or potentially due to possible errors or omissions, there is always a possibility that your company could be liable for damages.

This offers tailored insurance policies according to your profession, such as accountants and auditors, for your professional services. Through this insurance you will be entitled to financial protection against any legal liability for damages, costs and expenses arising from any claims you make.

Let’s take a quick look at the infographic below that explains in detail all the 11 types of Singapore company insurance for your business:

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There are different types of insurance. But let’s learn the most common types!! Let’s start 1] Health insurance

Health insurance is simply the accumulation of money that helps protect in times of poor health.

There may be a delay in the flight; Your trip is cancelled, loss of luggage or something else.

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There are two forms of car insurance, namely third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. It provides full coverage for the engine against theft, damage, accident, vandalism, etc.

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