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Assurance America Insurance Company Phone Number – We are happy to announce that we are now working with another great auto insurance company, Insurance America! Their Florida products are affordable and easy to understand.

That means if you have driving violations, SR-22, FR-44, DUI, or a bad credit score, you are ready to apply for the right auto insurance policy. Like all auto insurance companies, Insurance America is rated well for financial strength.

Assurance America Insurance Company Phone Number

Auto insurance plans from Insurance America allow you to drive safely, maintain safety and improve that bad history while saving money! Sound appealing? We think so. Find out how much you could save by getting a free, no-obligation quote online.

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Ask a licensed insurance agent about our Insurance America plans by calling 888.307.1907 now! Our amazing team is located in Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood offices. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at any time.

Unlike other agencies or situations, you have real professionals who have worked hard to learn the Florida auto insurance market. Our licensed agents have the expertise to help you find what you need – and fast!

Insurance Company of America is a company in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1998, Insurance America is dedicated to providing high quality customer service, serving the community and providing reliable insurance coverage options.

The company consists of AssuranceAmerica Insurance Company and InsuranceAmerica Agency Management. They provide insurance management services and wholesale insurance services through more than 2,600 independent insurance agents.

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In addition to Florida, Insurance America provides coverage in more than 20 US states. Auto Insurance plans are sold in ten states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. They are also licensed in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Auto insurance policies from InsuranceAmerica are designed specifically for the underserved market. So, if you are having trouble getting insurance at a reasonable price with many insurers due to past traffic offenses, bad credit, SR 22, or FR 44 in Florida, InsuranceAmerica’s products should be of great help!

Is Florida’s most experienced auto insurance agency. We have specialized in hard to insure drivers since we started. Adding more quality carriers, and training our already expert team of agents on each of these products is our gift to you!

So, what types of policies are available through InsuranceAmerica in Florida? Check out the insider’s guide to car insurance agents for a better idea:

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Car photos are required for each comprehensive and affiliate policy – 4 car photos are required FOR INCLUDING.

If your policy should lapse due to non-payment of premium, a R15 Surcharge Fee will apply.

After 3-5 days of waiting, additional premium will be added and the policy will go into pending cancellation status.

Legal documents must be submitted to the policy within 3 days of the date of initiation. If valid documents are not received, the previous insurance discount will be removed.

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Find the right car insurance for your budget, driving history and car now. Call the agent at 888.307.1907. Withdrawing and purchasing securities directly from an ATM at a Bank of America branch is shown in Burbank, California on August 19, 2011. /Fred Prouser/File Photo

DUBAI, Sep 13 () – Bank of America (BofA) ( BAC.N ) is moving some of its Russian banks to Dubai, two sources said, following a move by several Western banks this year to relocate staff following the war between Russia and Ukraine..

BofA recently laid off some of its employees and is in the process of moving others to different banking units, the sources said, declining to be identified as not being public.

Dubai, the main financial and business center in the Gulf, is a favorite destination for bankers to move to Russia.

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JP Morgan ( JPM.N ), Rothschild & Co ( ROTH.PA ) and Goldman Sachs ( GS.N ) all moved some of their Russian staff earlier this year. read more

Sanctions imposed on Russia since February 24 for the invasion of Ukraine include excluding the country from the SWIFT banking system, and targeting people such as oligarchs considered close to President Vladimir Putin.

These moves come amid business in the Gulf region this year, with high oil prices and initial public offerings raising more than $11 billion in the first half, outpacing the European cycle and as global markets remain volatile.

The Arab Gulf countries have so far been neutral in the attack on Ukraine by Russia. They have deep ties with Russia through companies from involvement in the oil cartel OPEC+.

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The United Arab Emirates, which has strengthened ties with Russia in recent years, has not complied with sanctions imposed by Western countries and its central bank has yet to issue guidance on Western sanctions. of insurance claims after one of its cloud servers was left unsecured online.

BackNine may be a company you are not familiar with, but it may have already processed your personal information when you applied for insurance in the past few years. The California-based company builds back-office software to help large insurance companies sell and maintain life and disability insurance policies. It also offers a white-label web form for small or independent financial planners who sell insurance plans through their websites.

But one of the company’s storage servers, stored in Amazon’s cloud, was not properly configured to allow anyone to access 711,000 files inside, including completed insurance applications that contain sensitive information and medical information about the applicant and her family . It also contains images of people’s signatures and other internal BackNine files.

In the revised documents were found contact information such as full names, addresses and phone numbers, but also social security numbers, medical diagnoses, medications taken and detailed questions about the applicant’s health, past and present. Other files include lab and test results, such as blood work and electrocardiograms. Some applications also include driver’s license numbers.

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Because Amazon’s storage servers, known as buckets, are private by default, the person in control of the buckets must publicly change their permissions. None of the data is hidden.

Security researcher Bob Diachenko found the exposed storage bin containing expired company email information in early June, but after receiving the initial response, he did not respond and the bin remained open.

We reached out to BackNine vice president Reid Tattersall, with whom Diachenko communicated and was ignored. , too, was ignored. But within minutes of providing Tattersall – and only him – with the bucket name revealed, the data was blocked. He has not yet received a response from Tattersall, or his father Mark, the company’s chief executive, who was quoted in a later email.

Asked Tattersall if the company had alerted local authorities in accordance with the country’s data breach notification laws, or if the company had no plans to notify affected individuals whose data was exposed. We have not received an answer. Companies can face heavy financial and civil penalties for failing to disclose a cybersecurity incident.

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BackNine works with some of America’s largest insurance companies. Most of the insurance applications found in the exposed bin were for AIG, TransAmerica, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group and Prudential. When reached for publication, spokespeople for the insurance giants did not respond.

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