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Wisdom Teeth Insurance Coverage – The so-called wisdom teeth (also known as third molars, Dentes serotini or Dentes sapientes), despite their name, do not show signs of increased wisdom. Their name comes from the fact that these teeth often come out during early growth. This phenomenon occurs in 80% of people. But they only need surgery if they are causing problems in the mouth.

We inherit wisdom teeth from our ancient ancestors, for whom these extra teeth were an important part of biting down to eat mostly unprocessed food. There are a total of seven teeth in each part of the mouth: these are also called “eights” because the wisdom tooth is added to them.

Wisdom Teeth Insurance Coverage

Wisdom teeth are often the cause of inflammation of the oral mucosa and jaw. They fit a little in the full jaw and remain stuck in pain when they break. At the same time, they can be completely or partially covered with mucous membranes and expelled.

How You Can Afford Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Not only can they cause pain, but they can also remove the remaining teeth as they grow. This is especially annoying when multiple orthodontic attempts have previously placed them in the correct position. Thanks to modern, simple methods – such as those used by Zahnklinik ABC Bogen – these teeth can often be removed without problems.

Our clinic offers the possibility to perform treatment under sedation / twilight sleep or under anesthesia. In this way, the operation can be done without stress and relaxation of the patient. Optical magnification and microscopes help our experienced doctors to provide the best treatment.

Wisdom tooth surgery is done under the pain – this type of pain prevents pain during the procedure and the procedure is done when fully awake.

Another option is surgery under temporary anesthesia or general anesthesia. In this form of anesthesia, the patient wakes up two to three hours after the procedure and is not conscious. The patient must be taken home by an escort after the operation.

Should Your Teen’s Wisdom Teeth Be Pulled? Why Experts Disagree

Unlike local anesthesia, short-course or general anesthesia is not covered by health insurance.

After the removal of each wisdom tooth, it is allowed to do an examination in practice. However, you should contact us if you experience problems before, such as cramping pain, heavy bleeding or fever – and after any surgery.

After the numbness wears off, you may feel severe pain and/or swelling. These are common sequelae of surgery and we can treat you or provide you with appropriate pain medication. Using other pain relievers without consulting your doctor is not recommended because drugs such as aspirin can affect blood clotting.

Resting your body after surgery can have a positive effect on wound healing and speed up your recovery process. Therefore, do not worry too much in the first few days after surgery. The perception of pain, the duration of treatment, and the intensity of inflammation varies from person to person.

What Types Of Insurance Does Coal Creek Oral Surgery Accept?

The most important way to recover quickly after wisdom tooth surgery is to get enough rest. During this time, blood clots form new lesions, which grow into new connective tissue and new bone.

Physical activity is not allowed during healing as it causes bleeding. Avoid exercise and, if possible, household chores. On the other hand, a slightly elevated sleeping position can help with recovery.

In terms of quick recovery, water and soft food is the ideal diet. Hot drinks as well as coffee and alcohol are not recommended after wisdom teeth surgery. Eating solid food requires special care, as debris from chewing can remain in the mouth and cause inflammation.

Avoid mouthwashes, such as those containing chlorhexidine. Due to the toxicity of nicotine, smoking can damage the affected tissues and therefore should be avoided during this period.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If bleeding continues, symptoms can be relieved with pain relievers. Instead of cooling the area with ice, use a flannel soaked in cold water and apply it.

Legal health insurance covers wisdom tooth surgery or tooth extractions that are deemed necessary and are performed under local anesthesia. For those with insurance, the cost of anesthesia or sedation varies depending on the length of the procedure. These costs are usually covered by private health insurance.

As an expert in oral surgery and tooth extraction, Dr. Stefan Triebswetter will be happy to advise you.

No, not necessarily. Some people have four wisdom teeth, some have fewer, and some have no wisdom teeth. The reason for the difference is in the development of the teeth, which can be caused by genetics as well as unknown factors in the formation of the teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

The different types of wisdom teeth are part of evolution. Wisdom teeth have become rarer and less desirable as our diet has become softer over the course of human development. As a result, the wisdom teeth gradually “dry”. This also explains why the number of teeth is different.

Wisdom teeth should not be removed if there is enough space for the tooth to come in. However, if these teeth are crooked or twisted in the jaw, the removal of wisdom teeth may be recommended.

Wisdom teeth can be removed in one operation, with up to four teeth removed at the same time. However, the intervention can also be divided into two or more appointments. We will be happy to help you with your personal constitution when it comes to making a decision.

Compaction surgery can be very difficult for pregnant women. The four wounds from tooth extraction must heal at the same time, challenging your immune system and putting even greater restrictions on your daily diet. Therefore, this intervention is not for everyone.

Are Dental Implants Covered By Dental Insurance?

If you have multiple wisdom teeth removal appointments, they are usually done every few weeks. For example, two teeth are taken each time. This makes it easier to eat and drink and, if needed, heal wounds faster.

Cooling down with chamomile tea can relieve severe pain caused by wisdom teeth pressing on adjacent teeth or bone. You can do this by moistening the tea bag lightly with cold water, squeezing out any excess water, and letting the tea bag chill in the refrigerator for a while. Then press the tea bag on the affected area. Cooling relieves pain; Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.

However, persistent pain may indicate damage to the root of one of the surrounding teeth. Therefore, in cases of chronic pain, a dental examination is recommended.

If the jaw is too small and there is no room for the wisdom teeth to erupt, creating pressure on the surrounding teeth, wisdom teeth can become the new cause of misalignment.

Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Surgery to remove wisdom teeth can be done under local and general anesthesia. It should be noted that a maximum of two teeth must be removed under local anesthesia. Under anesthesia, all four teeth can be removed. In very difficult cases or for patients who are very anxious, general anesthesia is recommended.

Under local anesthesia, you only feel pressure, but no pain during the procedure. If you feel pain after wisdom teeth removal, it can be easily treated with pain relievers.

No, wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the row and therefore should not be replaced.

In a healthy person, this is only necessary if there is severe inflammation and after consulting your doctor or dentist.

Health Insurance For Wisdom Teeth Surgery In Australia

Depending on the reason for taking the medication and considering the amount of upcoming surgery, it should be discussed with your doctor or dentist.

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