Mastering MailChimp: 5 Great Tips for Your Next MailChimp Campaign

Mastering MailChimp: 5 Great Tips for Your Next MailChimp Campaign

Many people rely on the MailChimp service. Statistics show more than 1 billion emails are sent daily using the MailChimp service.

A well-designed newsletter with useful content is a great marketing strategy, especially when using MailChimp. MailChimp is a user-friendly tool which makes it easy for people to write an end eye-catching email campaigns.

With so many people using the service, how do you ensure that your emails stand out? Here are the top five tips that you should use on your next MailChimp campaign.

  1. A/B Test Your Email Subject Lines

Subject lines trigger many questions when creating and sending emails. How long should they be?

What constitutes a good subject line? What words should you include in it?

You can only find the correct answers by using the A/B testing. However, the testing is only used by users with paid plans. To create an A/B testing for your subject lines, go to MailChimp dashboard and select the campaign button.

  1. Avoid Misleading Messages

Avoid phrases such as “BUY NOW” or “FREE.” Most of these phrases can lead to flagging of your email by the spam filters. Other receivers may even delete them immediately when they see them as they are considered annoying.

The general practice is to make the least use of exclamation marks and capital letters. You can also use a MailChimp inbox inspector tool to scan any misleading mail content.

  1. Use Social Media to Integrate Your MailChimp Campaign

Fans who like your brand will be the first people to express their interest in your updates and news. They will also be on the front line to share your posts.

They are your brand ambassadors, and you should ensure that they are on your email list by regularly sharing your sign up link on social media.

You can also add several sharing buttons so that your fans can share the information with their friends. For instance, this PieSync article explains how to integrate MailChimp with HubSpot.

  1. Use a Compelling and Straightforward Subject

Be concise and straight to the point, while still maintaining the relevancy of the subject line. Most people judge an email by its subject line, and thus they might ignore or spam it if the subject is not catchy, informative, or precise.

According to MailChimp’s best email practices, email subjects with less than 50 characters are more appealing as compared to the longer ones.

  1. Use the MailChimp Preview Option

Before you send your emails to your selected list, preview the message on your phone to see how it appears.

Since most of the marketing campaigns are opened on mobile devices, MailChimp suggests that you can create a test list which includes Yahoo and Gmail. This will help you confirm that your email content is displayed correctly.

If the emails are confusing for the recipients to navigate through, you might quickly lose them to your competitors.

Using MailChimp

Follow the above tips next time you use MailChimp campaign, and you might be surprised by how much open rates you will make.

You can also enroll in one of our courses to get further knowledge on how to use MailChimp.


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